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Classes & Auditions

Money will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good."
–Terrence Mann

Kumu Kahua Theatre Holds Auditions for Fa'alavelave "The Interruption" by Kiki Rivera

Donna Blanchard

Open auditions will be held to cast Fa'alavelave "The Interruption" by Kiki Rivera.  The show will be directed by Reiko Ho and runs November 7 - December 8, 2019. 

Kiki Rivera's contemporary dramatic comedy tackles a darkly taboo topic with humor in a queer Samoan context. 

Sefina and Mele are in love, their engagement and deep bond is reinforced by their shared Samoan heritage.  When they suddenly find themselves tangled in a web of hidden truths, denial and lies, their future together is threatened. 

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Kumu Kahua Theatre Presents a Playwrights’ Workshop with Y York

Donna Blanchard

Kumu Kahua Theatre proudly presents a writer’s workshop with acclaimed playwright, Y York. 


This is a two-hour endeavor designed to provide playwrights with a process with which they can assess what is there, what is missing, and how to revise their manuscript once it is in draft form.  A demonstration whereby the playwright becomes the Encyclopedia Britannica about the script before sharing it with other professionals.  The focus is on: pivotal character; character traits; given circumstances, action; dramatic action; major dramatic question; premise.

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Kumu Kahua Theatre announces Auditions for Da Beer Can Hat

Donna Blanchard

Bobo is a little slow. His abusive father wants to send him away. Selling newspapers on the street, Bobo scrounges for a little money. Despite injuries, harassment, and discrimination, Bobo never complains after all, he may not have much, but Bobo does have one thing: a true friend. Da Beer Can Hat is based on Darrell Lum’s original short story of a mentally handicapped individual and his one, best friend.

Open auditions will be held to cast the World Premiere of Darrell H.Y. Lumʻs Da Beer Can Hat.  The show will be directed by Denny & Karen Hironaga and runs May 23 - June 23, 2019. 

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