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Classes & Auditions

Money will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good."
–Terrence Mann

Kumu Kahua Theatre Holds an Audition Workshop and Auditions for Living Room by William Kahele

Donna Blanchard

Open auditions will be held to cast a Moving Comedy, Living Room by William Kahele.  The show will be directed by Harry Wong III and runs January 18 through February 18, 2018.

Eli’s family and friends are well-meaning, but they won’t leave him alone as he wrestles with his troubled past and uncertain future.  Millie, Rose, Fannie and Junior haunt Eli with their concerns until they nearly drive him crazy.  Eli’s indomitable sense of humor and a handsome stranger may be his saving grace in this comedy about the drama one local man faces alone in a crowded room.

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Auditions for Wild Birds by Eric Anderson

Donna Blanchard

Open auditions will be held to cast the historical drama, Wild Birds by Eric Anderson.  The show will be directed by Harry Wong III and runs November 2 through December 3, 2017.

Amos and Juliette Cooke had the best intentions.  In 1839 Honolulu, the couple was deeply honored to be chosen to personally oversee the education of the children of the kings and queens of Hawai‘i.  But how does one enforce rigorous discipline on a sacred ali‘i child and when is education a form of imperialism?

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Two New Summer Playwriting Workshops from Kumu Kahua Theatre Starting This Saturday

Donna Blanchard

Playwriting 1:

This course provides an introduction to the craft of playwriting.  Student work consists of developing the fundamentals of writing for the stage, playwriting structure, creating characters, and writing dialogue.  Coursework includes in-class writing, regular writing assignments, and the reading of plays. Students will explore their own theatrical voices while engaging with the voices of others in the class and through readings. Conventions of theater through Aristotle’s six parts of drama (plot, character, dialogue, music, spectacle and theme) will be discussed and evaluated.  Playwriting and class exercises will focus on experimenting and pushing outside students’ comfort zones and their preconceived ideas of theatrical writing. Assignments will include short writing exercises, revisions and refinement of student theatrical writing; presentations and discussion; and a final 10-minute play worthy of performance onstage.

Playwriting 2:

The course will focus upon the understanding of scenes, dramatic structures, and their contribution to the structure of an entire play. Readings of plays and dramatic writing exercises will be utilized in a workshop format.

The primary focus of this course is the writing of a one-act play or a full-length play; this will be our final project. Through take-home writing exercises, the examination of existing texts, and giving and receiving constructive feedback, each writer will take his or her writing to a new level of complexity, theatricality and meaning. The first part of the course will consist of examining the structure of a scene. In order to write a whole play, all of its parts must be solid.  We will begin by looking at techniques for writing strong, dramatic scenes.

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