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Classes & Auditions

Money will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good."
–Terrence Mann

Kumu Kahua Theatre Holds an Audition Workshop and Auditions for the World Premiere of Demigods Anonymous by Noa Helela

Donna Blanchard

Power is both a curse and a gift.  As a modern demigod, Noe takes college courses, parties with her friends, and tries to stop herself from turning into a giant lizard.  Her friend, Marcella, is dealing with her unwanted tendency to become a mountain lion; Blaine transforms into a shark when aggravated.  These contemporary Kupua are like most people in their 20s... except for their ability to manifest ancient demigod powers and transform into animals...

There will be a free audition workshop held from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Wednesday January 31, 2018, also at Kumu Kahua Theatre.  This optional workshop is an opportunity for all interested to work with the script and director, learn the best way to prepare for this audition and hone your audition skills.

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“Inspired” Acting Workshops at Kumu Kahua Theatre

Donna Blanchard

Develop your acting skills through a series of systemized exercises based on the techniques of Vsevolod Meyerhold and Michael Chekhov. Discover the depth of your imagination and physicality through specific movement exercises, involving breath - sound - voice. Develop inspiration and trust in your own artistic individuality. This series of psychophysical exercises will open the door into your sincere emotions and creativity. Find the keys with which to build a character from point zero to full persona. Deepen your sense of space, time, and atmosphere. Improve your ensemble building skills.  

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Kumu Kahua Theatre Holds an Audition Workshop and Auditions for Living Room by William Kahele

Donna Blanchard

Open auditions will be held to cast a Moving Comedy, Living Room by William Kahele.  The show will be directed by Harry Wong III and runs January 18 through February 18, 2018.

Eli’s family and friends are well-meaning, but they won’t leave him alone as he wrestles with his troubled past and uncertain future.  Millie, Rose, Fannie and Junior haunt Eli with their concerns until they nearly drive him crazy.  Eli’s indomitable sense of humor and a handsome stranger may be his saving grace in this comedy about the drama one local man faces alone in a crowded room.

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