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We’re happy to share our press releases here.  If you’re a member of that glorious team of individuals known as “the press” and would like more print information, interviews or photos, please contact Managing Director, Donna Blanchard. She’d love to help you!


Two New Summer Playwriting Workshops from Kumu Kahua Theatre Starting This Saturday

Donna Blanchard

Tali Ariav is an adjunct professor at the Hawaii Pacific University and taught Playwriting and Acting at the University of Guam. She earned two Masters of Fine Arts degrees, in Literary Translation and in Playwriting, from the Playwriting Workshop at the University of Iowa. She was born and raised in Israel; she speaks, writes and reads English, Hebrew and Arabic. Tali was one of the founding members of Orto-Da, an award-winning street theatre group. Their 1999 performance of “Meta-Rabin,” an original, collaboratively written and performed street theatre work, won First Prize at the Akko Theatre Festival in Israel, followed by earning First Prize for Street Theatre at the Chalon dans la Rue Festival in Chalon, France. In Guam Tali was a guest host for several sessions of a political radio show, “Beyond the Fence,” on Guam’s Public Radio station, KPRG. Her guest sessions focused on local artistic issues in Guam. In the spring of 2016, Tali was an invited guest playwright at Fordham University. She has specific interests in advancing political theatre and the voice of the indigenous playwright–in Tali’s case, the voices of maturing playwrights in the Western Pacific.

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Kumu Kahua Theatre Holds an Audition Workshop and Auditions for Who Killed Gilbert Botello? by Garrick Paikai

Donna Blanchard

Gilbert Botello is dead. 

But who killed him?  Was it the butler or the maid?  Was it the eccentric tycoon or his son?  Detective Roy Rodger Kalauakekahuna III and his sidekick Officer Billy Souza investigate the murder and astonishing events surrounding the untimely demise of Gilbert Botello in this comedic murder mystery.  Peopled with recognizable characters, Who Killed Gilbert Botello reshapes the typical British whodunit into a refreshing representation of Hawai‘i.

There will be a free audition workshop held from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Tuesday June 6, also at Kumu Kahua Theatre.  This workshop is an opportunity for all interested to work with the script and director, and learn the best way to prepare for this audition.

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Kumu Kahua Theatre Announces Their 47th Season!

Donna Blanchard

Kumu Kahua Theatre is proud to announce their 47th season, which will run from August 2017 through June 2018.

Chosen by Artistic Director Harry Wong III in collaboration with the Play Development Committee of Kumu Kahua Theatre, this season includes farce, drama, comedy, absurdism and three world premieres.

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Kumu Kahua Theatre Presents a World Premier Local Comedy by Lee Cataluna

Donna Blanchard

Uncle's regularly scheduled garage party is cancelled for the first time in -- ever!   The usual attendees show up and process their shock over the cancellation-- while they eat, drink, talk story and play music. Uncle isn't saying why the party is cancelled, but everyone has a theory.  Is it illness?  Financial troubles?  Marital discord?  Gambling problem?  Eviction?  Erosion of societal values and loss of culture?  Or is Aunty just sick and tired of all their shenanigans?

The old friends spend the evening telling stories, laughing and sharing food.  But it’s not a party, because Uncle's regularly scheduled garage party is CANCELLED tonight!

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